Old Navy advertises it’s open 24/7. Customers can’t get in

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‘Who needs to go to old navy at 3am’: Old Navy advertises it’s open 24/7. Customers can’t get in

'this is a question we get asked daily'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Aug 27, 2023

Late-night shopping cravings are quite common, but what if your favorite store advertises 24/7 access and you find yourself locked out? This was the conundrum faced by one TikToker whose attempt to enter an Old Navy store late at night turned into a viral video.

On Aug. 25, Paul Parks (paulparks74) shared his late-night adventure on TikTok. The video, which has since amassed over 368,800 views, showed him and his friend standing outside an Old Navy store. A sign that read “24/7” promised round-the-clock shopping, but the locked doors told a different story.

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In the video, the TikToker attempted to open the door to the store while saying, “Open 24/7? Come on now.” His friend adds, “Hello? I need a new jacket.”

Further joking about the situation, the TikToker added “I don’t understand, are we not in the twenty-four or are we not in the seven? What’s the deal?”

However, the devil was in the details. Upon closer inspection, viewers pointed out that right beneath the open hours, the sign read, “oldnavy.com”—suggesting the 24/7 pertains to their online store and not the physical one.

The video quickly went viral, accumulating more than 369,000 views, with many going to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“I cannot imagine a single instance in which I would need an old navy at 4am,” one user commented.

“yeah because who needs to go to old navy at 3am,” a second echoed.

Another commenter observed, “it says it’s open 24/7 online lol.”

“this is a question we get asked daily,” an alleged Old Navy store worker shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Paul Parks via TikTok comment and to Gap Inc. via press email for comment.

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*First Published: Aug 27, 2023, 12:56 am CDT