server greenscreen TikTok over note on receipt with caption 'couple comes into the restaurant right they' (l) Miller Lite beer bottles with ice (c) server greenscreen TikTok over note on receipt with caption '2 Miler lights and bottles which we don't serve' (r)

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‘I know you didn’t get those beers from here’: Server says customers left angry note after he took away Miller Lites they brought

‘I’m just doing my job.’


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A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after sharing an angry note that customers left him when he took away beers that they carried into the restaurant.

In a video with over 79,000 views, TikTok user Trevor (@t_revgregg) tells the whole story.

“Couple comes into the restaurant, right? They’re seated at the table and they have their own beers—2 Miller Lites in bottles, which we don’t serve,” Trevor says. “I go up to them… [and] I say, ‘I know you didn’t get those beers from here.’”

@t_revgregg Just trying to make one of my idols @officialtbw proud! Also, this is my first 3 minute post. I hope my perspective on this inspires you in some way. #serviceindustry #serverproblems #servertiktok #greenscreen #fyp ♬ original sound – Trevor Quinton Gregg

One of the customers said that they had brought them from next door, to which Trevor responded that they needed to either give him the beers or leave. The couple gave him their beers and ordered canned Miller Lites, which the restaurant served.

“The girl is just looking at me, and she said, ‘You don’t have to be like this,’” Trevor recalls. “So I said, ‘I’m just doing my job, and we have a standard to uphold.’”

“I don’t know why people feel like they can just do whatever they want,” Trevor continues. “Maybe because it’s Detroit, people feel like they can get away with anything, like there’s no rules.”

When the couple finished their meal, they left Trevor a tip of a single dollar (“It’s whatever, I’ll take it,” Trevor states). However, they also left Trevor a note.

The note reads as follows: “Beer’s? You took our Beers! You shouldn’t have askes [sic]. You should have made your own Desisions [sic].”

“Obviously I took your beers. You can’t just show up to a restaurant with your own beers. Not how that works,” Trevor responds. “We have a liquor license. This stuff is very serious in the service industry, and we don’t play with that shit.”

Trevor also mocked the couple’s spelling of the word “decisions” before explaining that taking the beers was, in fact, his decision.

“I made my own decision. That was my decision. I was always going to take away the beers. I was going to take away the beers before I talked to a manager,” Trevor details. “It was always going to be my choice and my responsibility to handle that situation.”

Trevor later posted a follow-up noting that open containers are allowed in specific circumstances in Detroit. However, this did not apply to the couple’s situation.

@t_revgregg Excited to share this follow up from my last post. Servers/bartenders in MI seeing this, if you work in any of these open container common areas I would love to hear from you! Just felt the need to educate myself, and share what I learned. #serverproblems #michigan #detroit #servertiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Trevor Quinton Gregg

In the comments, users supported Trevor.

“The way people don’t realize you can’t just carry around alcohol wherever you want,” wrote one viewer.

“the amount of people that think you can BYPB to a restaraunt/ bar is astounding,” added another.

“It’s like with vaping,” shared a third. “I swear the amount of people who wanna vape in front of me at the cash register is RIDICULOUS. Go outside or hide it better!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Trevor via Instagram direct message.

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