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One sports blog says a reprimand from the player’s team isn’t enough, and the league needs to get involved.

The NFL won’t penalize a Cleveland Browns player for posting homophobic tweets, leaving a prominent gay sports blogger disappointed with the league’s inaction.

Rookie linebacker Tank Carder tweeted the word “faggot” and repeatedly defended his use of the word in a series of tweets last week that drew the ire of fans. The Cleveland Browns said Carder’s statements aren’t reflective of the team, but the NFL has decided not  to fine Carder.

“Divisive comments of that nature can only be hurtful to many fans and has no place in the NFL,” an NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Outsports. “The Browns made clear to the player that it was unacceptable and he issued a public apology.”

It’s undetermined if the Browns plans to take any additional action, like a game suspension, against Carder. The league’s and team’s decision has left Outsports cofounder Cyd Zeigler, Jr. displeased with both.

“The Browns seem less interested in doing the right thing and setting an example than they are in simply managing public perception and making those pesky gays go away,” wrote Zeigler, adding that the Brown’s inaction is to not further attract attention to the story.

Ziegler also assailed the NFL’s decision not to repudiate Carder’s tweets as a signal that the league will give a “green light” for that type of behavior, while other pro-leagues don’t. He added that the NBA, MLS, and MLB have regulations for players who use anti-gay slurs.

Clarifying that Zeigler doesn’t believe the league itself hold anti-gay positions, he said the league’s lack of action is a “huge disappointment.”

“Yet the NFL has decided to do nothing. This was the perfect opportunity for the league to take a stand, and they did: It just isn’t one that most gay people will like very much,” blogged Ziegler.

Photo via Tank Carder/Facebook

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