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‘I aspire to be this petty’: Customer gets coupon from New York Fries. It has a clause banning someone’s ex-girlfriend from using it

‘Who got their life ruined by sally??’


Tiffanie Drayton


One woman discovered some pretty odd fine print on a coupon for a BOGO (by one get one free) hotdog from New York Fries.

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In a viral TikTok with over 114,000 views as of Monday, user Van (@vancroissant) read what was in the strange small writing on the offer.

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“So I got this coupon from New York Fries for a two-for-one hotdog and I was wondering if it was expired, so I looked at the fine print,” she began her video.

Apparently, the TikToker did discover a weird rule for using the deal, but it had nothing to do with an expiration or blackout date. The fine printed contained one very important rule: it cannot be claimed by the ex of whoever printed it.

“May not be used by my ex-girlfriend Sally C. who went to Birchurch High School, class of 2007,” Van read aloud from the fine print.

@vancroissant who got their life ruined by sally?? @New York Fries ♬ original sound – Van ✨🌈⚡️
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“So Sally, if you have this coupon and you were hoping to get a two-for-one hotdog, I’m really sorry to break this news to you,” she said.

In the comments section, TikTok users were tickled pink by the finding and were even willing to do digging to uncover the backstory.

“I aspire to be this petty,” user Victoria commented.

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“Tell me why I’m dead,” user Hayley Perkins wrote. “I posted this in the Airdrie chat I’ll find the tea.”

Others compared the store owner’s behavior to an awkward character from the popular show “Parks and Recreation.”

“It’s giving the Jan Cooper signs from Parks and Recreation,” user Alex Fiasco said.

It is uncertain whether the coupon’s exclusion is a joke or a marketing gimmick. Based on the video’s comments, it appears others have encountered similar fine print on coupons from other stores.

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“LOL at Fresh Slice in Crossiron, there’s a similar thing on their 2 for 1 coupon,” user Rae pointed out.

“LMFAO i got one from NYC in Calgary, also,” another user said. “It says it expires in the year of 2870.”

Nonetheless, users almost unanimously agree that they need to find out the “tea” on why the writing appears on the deal.

“Who got their life ruined by Sally??” the TikToker asked in the caption of the video, tagging the restaurant.

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The Daily Dot reached out to New York Fries via email for comment and an answer to the pressing question.

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