Customer calls out Netflix for raising prices after anti-password sharing policy

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‘$23 to not even be able to share this?’: Customer calls out Netflix for raising prices after anti-password sharing policy

‘I remember when it was like $8 and actually worth it.’


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The Netflix experience has changed a lot for users in the past year. First, the streaming giant put an end to password sharing, forcing customers to set a “home” device that needs verification every time they log into the app. The method prevents simultaneous viewing in different households and limits the number of streams on multiple devices at the same time.

Additional viewers on a Netflix account can have their own email address and password added to an account for an additional $8 a month as an authorized user, resulting in much higher monthly charges for folks.

Not only did Netflix put a definitive end to password sharing, but it also upped its pricing as well—premium Plans, which allow for 4k video streaming and heightened audio quality, including spatial audio on titles where it’s available, went from $20 to $23.

It’s an increase in pricing that TikTok user Jazzalyn Monter (@jazzalyn.monet) thinks is ultimately not worth the upcharge, and several other folks thought similarly.

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Monet says in her video, “I think we need to talk about this because $23 for the same movies you’ve had since you’ve opened Netflix is crazy. $23 for all of the good movies to be in another language is insane. And with no even English subtitles. $23 to not even be able to share this?”

Several viewers agreed with Monet’s assessment of Netflix’s value, or lack thereof, ever since the streamer went and upped its prices. “I remember when it was like $8 and actually worth it,” a top comment read.

Another called out Netflix’s brutal habit of guillotining shows unceremoniously early into their runs, with one user sharing, “$23 to fall in love with a series only for them to cancel after the 2nd season…..”

When it comes to the aforementioned point, there are several reasons why the entertainment company is so cutthroat when it comes to putting its shows on the chopping block. Lost Remote and Forbes said that one of many reasons is a series’ “completion rate.” Since Netflix has instant performance metrics available right away, it can make fast decisions about which shows it wants to bring back and which ones should probably be kicked to the curb. If the majority of viewers aren’t finishing a series after starting it, then Netflix isn’t going to put any more money into producing more episodes.

Other TikTok users who responded to Monet’s post said they felt like despite Netflix charging customers more, viewers were ultimately getting less in return.

“I love that they’re like ‘Updating Prices to Bring You More’ like is the ‘more’ in the room with us rn or?” one wrote.

Someone else penned that the “check-ins” Netflix users were expected to make, despite paying more to stream content on the platform, were inconvenient. “$23 dollars and I have to ‘check in’ at home wifi,” a user said.

Another commented that the premium pricing ultimately just wasn’t worth it for them as the platform doesn’t carry interesting movies. “I cancelled my Netflix account last month bc they never have any good movies,” the user claimed.

“I’m so glad I cancelled,” another admitted. “I was worried I’d miss out, but literally nothing about my life has changed except saved money every month.”

Although a lot of folks have expressed their desire to cut ties with Netflix, the streamer has been seeing fiscal growth upon implementing these price hikes and anti-password sharing initiatives—the company’s revenue for Q3 of 2023 was a staggering $8.54 billion, up from $7.9 billion from the year prior.

And while some may speculate that this can wholly be attributed to the price increases, it seems many who were logging in with other people’s usernames and passwords decided that they wanted to continue watching Netflix, as the application saw 8.8 million new subscribers in Q3 2023.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Netflix via email and Monet via TikTok comment.

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