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‘Eviction over Sonic is crazy’: Tenant confronts neighbor caught stealing DoorDash on Ring camera

‘This healed all the anger I had from all the times my food was stolen.’


Heather Stewart


A man (@bbright96) shared how he caught his neighbor stealing his DoorDash on his Ring camera. In a viral 14-part TikTok series, he implies it ended with police involvement and an eviction.

The series has over 16 million views combined.

In the video captions, the TikTok creator writes that despite arriving with food 20 minutes prior, the neighbor stole his Sonic. 

He also wrote that the neighbor denied doing it, and that they threatened to kill him. 

The creator later shared security footage of him and his roommate first confronting their neighbors that night. In the video, several people exit the apartment and scream at them.

Police get involved in Ring camera drama

In the next TikTok, Ring camera footage shows two police officers show up at the neighbors door.

“There most likely will be a warrant out for your arrest for larceny,” one officer says through the neighbor’s door.

In a later video, a sheriff arrives at the neighbor’s door again. 

TikTok creator @bbright96 says the apartment leasing manager called his neighbor to ask for her side of the story in a follow-up video.

“They told the leasing office that that was their food and their name was on it and that we got similar names,” he says.

He also says that the leasing office said that the woman who stole his food isn’t on the lease.

In several of the TikToks, people exit the neighbor’s apartment and flip off the TikTok creator’s Ring camera or make comments about his videos.

“So apparently they’re telling all their guests about the TikToks,” he writes in one caption. “Since they still going I’m going to keep going.” 

A woman sticks a letter on the neighbor’s door in one of the final TikToks, which some commenters suspect is an eviction notice.

Throughout the series, commenters supported the TikTok creator.

“Eviction over Sonic is crazy,” one viewer wrote. 

“This healed all the anger I had from all the times my food was stolen,” another commented.

In a May 2024 Casino survey, 22% of 3,000 respondents said people have stolen their food deliveries; 43% of respondents said that they have installed Ring security cameras to negate food delivery and package theft.

“I’m so glad you took it this far,” a commenter said.

“I bet they wishing they would’ve left that meal alone,” someone wrote. 

@bbright96 Big back energy.  then denied doing it. When i have them on camera. #bigback #doordash #povstories #fypシ ♬ original sound – Funny Sound Effects

“This is why integrity is important,” another viewer said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @bbright96 for comment, but he did not immediately respond.

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