Woman catches neighbor after they hit her car


‘You gotta run a little farther than 20 feet from the hit’: Woman catches neighbor after they hit her car

'Ahh the old, 'park far away so they don't know it's you,' technique.'


Amara Thomas


Posted on Oct 16, 2023

In a viral TikTok video, user Alexa (@ivycathadier) discovers her car has been hit, only to realize her neighbor is the culprit. 

Alexa begins her story while standing in the parking lot of her apartment building, “My neighbor knocked on my door about 20 minutes ago, said, ‘Hey, you know someone hit your car.’” 

She pans the camera around the parking lot to reveal the damage that has been done to her automobile. The area under the silver minivan’s right taillight has white scuff marks, scratches, and is noticably dented.

Alexa has a suspicion about who the perpetrator might be. She focuses on an empty parking space near her car, and says, “There’s a white car that parks here. I’m assuming they’re the ones that did it.”

“Great, I’ll just wait for her to come back,” she adds. 

Alexa then notices a white vehicle that she says looks like the one that usually parks in the space next to hers. But it’s in a different parking space than usual.

“I notice this white car over here that kind of looks like the car that parks next to me,” she notes as she walks over to the white car. “The scratch on their car pretty much matches [my car]. And I’m pretty sure that’s my tail light right there,” she continues, while pointed out red marks on the white car. 

The caption of the video reads, “If you’re gonna hit and run, you gotta run a little farther than 20 feet from the hit.”

@ivycathadier Like if you’re gonna hit and run, you gotta run a little farther than 20 feet from the hit #fyp #hitandrun #karensoftiktok #caraccident #wt ♬ original sound – Alexa

“I know she’s home. I can hear her in her apartment,” Alexa says of the owner of the white car. “Rang her doorbell twice. I heard her shuffling around in there. She’s not answering. So the police have been called, and they’re on their way.” 

Alexa’s video documenting the hit-and-run on her car has garnered 844,000 views as of publication.

Many viewers related to Alexa’s experience, and shared hit-and-run stories of their own in the comments. 

“Ahh the old, ‘park far away so they don’t know it’s you,’ technique,” one user joked.

“This happened to me. The cops said that it is not enough proof if you didn’t see it happen. They handed me a form for the insurance and left,” another viewer wrote.  

“When my neighbor hit my car just like this the police asked if they did it and they said no so the police said ok bye. They said they couldn’t do anything if they didn’t admit to it,” a third commented. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Alexa via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 16, 2023, 1:53 pm CDT