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‘I’m about to move out of Texas and I’m most upset about no H-E-B’: Californian shows ‘most Texas’ grocery products she had to buy before moving

‘Those banana bread pecans do something to me.’


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Posted on Jun 10, 2023   Updated on Jun 13, 2023, 8:17 pm CDT

If you’re in Texas, it’s likely your life has been touched in some way by H-E-B, a grocery chain that’s ubiquitous in some parts of the Lone Star State. The stores feature several H-E-B branded products that consumers can’t get anywhere else and—at least in one person’s eyes—help define the Texan experience.

Los Angeles-based creator Sammie (@therealslimsammie), who describes herself as “a chaotic Taurus who likes to cook veggies, buy clothing and travel,” shared a slideshow TikTok enumerating items from H-E-B that she loves but can’t find anywhere else but Texas. So far, the collection of items Sammie won’t be able to get in California has received over 43,000 views.

“I have been so absent from TikTok because I’ve had absolutely zero time in the process of moving. but now that I’m finally in California I have things I documented to share lol,” the creator wrote in her caption. “I loved HEB because they had unique items. here are some things I had to get before moving.”

Those included a “Cowboy Cookie” featuring chocolate, pecans, and oats; a bag of jalapeño queso tortilla chips (from Del Rio-based company Julio’s); H-E-B brand Skillet Queso trail mix; Tres Leches-flavored and Dulce de Leche-flavored corn flakes (also from H-E-B’s lab); creamy poblano pasta sauce; chocolate-covered banana bread pecans; Southwest Ranch trail mix; two types of flavored coffee from H-E-B’s Cafe Olé label; Texas Toast (which is impressively thick white bread); jalapeño cheese bagels; butter-infused flour tortillas; H-E-B brand diet cola with lime; and rounding out with another Texas brand featured at H-E-B, Blue Bell ice cream—specifically, the Dr Pepper Float flavor (highlighting a soda that originated in Waco, Texas).

In the comments section, viewers attested to the quality of Sammie’s choices and shared their own H-E-B favorites.

“The H‑E‑B sodas are superior to name brand, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on,” one asserted.

Another remarked, “Those banana bread pecans do something to me.”

Responding to a second person recommending the banana bread pecans, Sammie said, “I’m so sad I can’t find anything like them now.”

One commenter felt Sammie missed a key H-E-B offering, noting, “If i had to move out of texas I’d be grabbing at least a 2 year supply of That Green Sauce,” referring to a zesty, creamy salsa made with jalapeños and poblanos.

Another suggested, “Should’ve got the Heb bakery chips & white queso.”

Sammie responded, “Their white queso is sooo good but I had to buy mostly shelf stable items that I could take with me.”

She is not alone in moving away from her beloved store; another commenter checked in to say, “I’m about to move out of Texas and I’m most upset about no H-E-B.”

The Daily Dot contacted H-E-B via email.

Update 6/13 8:15 p.m. CT: Sammie responded to the Daily Dot’s request for comment and clarified, “I moved from Dallas to Los Angeles just about a week ago. For about the first year I lived in Texas, Dallas did not have HEB but it got two awhile ago and I’ve definitely driven out of my way for them.” 

As to the reaction to the video, she noted, “I was definitely surprised! I know H-E-B has a huge following of fans but I didn’t think so many people would be interested in my photos of the last few things I took with me to California. I figured I was just sharing some things I like. I didn’t expect so many people to take my recommendations.”

She added, “I think most people would agree H-E-B has the best tortillas ever. If I could take a stockpile of those I would haha. But they are best fresh. But overall H-E-B just has a really great brand of products that are innovative and I feel like they really blend Texas culture into their food. It’s great.”

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*First Published: Jun 10, 2023, 11:52 am CDT