A loose bird brought some levity to the Yankees/Red Sox matchup last night.

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Everyone loves the little guy, and everyone loves a rebel. People don’t cheer streakers at games because they enjoy the view; it’s the audacity, the stunning power of a huge WTF bringing a halt to a multibillion-dollar sports machine. It’s especially powerful at the climax of a seemingly endless, tense game.

A game like yesterday’s Red Sox/Yankees cliffhanger.

In the twelfth inning (yes, you read that right), with the score 3-3 and the fans almost as exhausted as the players, something magical happened, and Twitter user Dan McQuade was watching, ready to Twitpic it instantly.

A bird, sparrow-like in appearance, saw what surely appeared to be a wide-open meadow and settled in. The designated stadium bird-catcher trotted out to capture the errant fowl so the game could continue without some kind of riot from PETA et al., but it’s obvious he isn’t much of a catcher, as the bird played cat-and-mouse with the bucket-wielding staffer until he was good and ready to take off. The bird. We have not followed up on the birdcatcher, but presume he is well.

Oh yes, the Yankees won. But really, the bird.

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