The Republican candidate’s tough public relations week continued as a “Mitt Romney sucks” post scored an astounding 8 million reblogs on Tumblr.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney capped off a public relations week from hell by becoming the subject of one of the most popular Tumblr posts of all time.

The simple text post “Mitt Romney sucks pass it on” has collected nearly 8 million notes in the past 24 hours.

Notes are Tumblr’s internal mechanism for rating content on the site. For every comment, reblog, or like a post receives, its note count will increase by one. A “like” doesn’t really do anything other than increase a post’s note count. But depending on the blog theme, a “like” will allow that post to appear on your site.

Under the Mountain Bunker was one of the first Tumblrs to reblog the message, attributing it to charizzaaa, a 17-year-old girl from the Philippines (although charizzaaa’s post no longer exists, so the exact origin of the message remains unclear).

The text of the message has evolved over the course of millions of reblogs. As Jason Oberholtzer of I Love Charts noted in an article on Forbes, by the time the post made it to him, it had the phrase “Paul Newman for president” added to it via comment.

The Daily Dot has reached out to charizzaaa, Under the Mountain Bunker and Tumblr for comment.

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