Passengers record panicked footage inside fatal New York train crash

Tuesday evening, a rush-hour Metro-North train crashed into an SUV on the tracks near the town of Valhalla, some 20 miles north of New York City, killing six and injuring more than a dozen. It was the deadliest accident in the railway’s history, and service remains disrupted.

In the brief YouTube clip below, relayed to Twitter by @geoffisfamous, panicky passengers jammed together in the train’s second car attempt to force their way out following the impact.

Many are shouting for the mob to keep moving forward, and eventually one man opens a set of doors. “The third rail is on the other side,” he says as others point out a safety ladder.

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The catastrophe continues a trend of Metro-North accidents in recent years, including a 2013 derailment in the Bronx that claimed four lives, later blamed on the conductor’s sleep apnea.

Photo via Respectability Films/YouTube    

Miles Klee

Miles Klee

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