McDonald's employee says she was demoted 'over an Oreo McFlurry'

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‘This is the biggest ‘L’ I’ve taken in my life’: Former McDonald’s worker says she was demoted ‘over an Oreo McFlurry’

‘I’m deeply ashamed.’


Tiffanie Drayton


TikTok user @asinderellastory has gone viral for sharing how she was demoted—not over tardiness, inefficiency, or poor customer service, but over an Oreo McFlurry.

“I’m deeply ashamed,” she says to start the video. “This is the biggest ‘L’ I’ve ever taken in my life.”

According to the TikToker, the incident occurred when she was 16 and working her first job at McDonald’s. She says she was a great employee who got promoted to “crew trainer” within a few months of working for the fast-food chain.

“I was running that drive-thru like my life depended on it,” she explained.

Sadly, it didn’t take too long before one decision caught up to her. She says that her “downfall” came when she decided to make a TikTok criticizing Oreo McFlurries for not having enough Oreos in them.

The video went viral, but apparently, her managers were not at all entertained. They told her to delete the video, but she refused and instead put it on private. When her managers discovered the video was still online, they called her into a meeting. They broke the news that she would be demoted for making content while in uniform and sharing the McFlurry recipe with customers.

@asinderellastory demoted n mcdonalds should not exist in the same sentence likeee hair from @salonreadywig ♬ original sound – sinit ✮ ✰ ✭

In the comments section, many users said they shared the TikToker’s experience.

“Girl, this literally happened to me at maccas,” one user wrote.

“THIS HAPPENED TO ME AT MY WORK not even once but twice,” another shared.

Other commenters found it funny that her managers accused her of giving away the McFlurry recipe.

“‘Giving away the recipe’ is crazy,” one user commented.

“What recipe?!” another asked.

All in all, the TikToker walked away from the experience with good feelings about her time working at the fast-food restaurant.

“Honestly though, no hard feelings at all,” she concludes in the video. “Overall, I still think that everyone should work at Mcdonald’s once in their lives.”

The Daily Dot contacted McDonald’s for comment via email and @sinderellastory via TikTok comment but did not receive a response ahead of publication.

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