McDonalds Worker explains how afternoon and overnight crew clean compared to the morning shift

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‘Never hated anyone like I hated morning shift’: McDonald’s night worker shares difference in workloads between morning and overnight crew

]They stay complaining about what we didn’t do but they literally don’t do anything.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok, a McDonald’s worker shared the difference in workload between the morning and night shifts.

Mario Scott (@cactusmvrkss) is a popular TikToker who posts comedic and relatable sketches about being a McDonald’s worker. In one of his latest videos, Scott reenacts everything that he and the rest of the afternoon and night shift are responsible for when closing their location.

Throughout the 12-second clip, Scott is seen sweeping, restocking bags, filling a machine with ice, and mopping.

He then contrasts that to the morning crew, who are able to leave their shift without performing those additional tasks.

“Morning ppl do shit squat but complain about others,” the caption read.

The video has more than 600,000 views and over 560 comments as of Sunday morning.

@cactusmvrkss 😂😂morning ppl do shit squat but complain about others #work #morning #night #clean #relatable #foryou ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

“Morning shift: ‘UGH WHO CLOSED LAST NIGHT!’” the top comment read.

One worker shared that they skip restocking when they work a late shift. “Gives morning shift something to do, lol,” they said.

“Morning crews just leave when their shift is done because they know it doesn’t effect them later in the day,” a person wrote.

“I know bro I work with morning and night crew they always talk sh!t about each other’s,” another said.

A few morning shift crew members chimed in with their thoughts.

“I try to restock before I leave but honestly after the lunch rush is over i’m so tired i just want OUT,” a worker wrote.

“Not me imma stay and restock every last straw( I just do it to recover my 30 min break)” another added.

Scott’s videos about his experiences as a McDonald’s worker often resonate, earning him several viral videos. The Daily Dot recently covered a TikTok in which Scott shared his “oh sh*t” reaction after realizing he left a drive-thru order customer parked and waiting for their food for 20 minutes.

In another recent video, Scott shared what it sounds like on his end when a drive-thru customer is too loud, causing Scott to turn down the headset or take it off completely.

The Daily Dot reached out to Scott for comment via Instagram direct message.

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