McDonald's worker calls out customers who wait to download the app until they're at the drive-thru window

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‘I’m glad I’m not the only victim’: McDonald’s worker calls out customers who wait to download the app until they’re at the drive-thru window

'Or when they place a mobile order when they arrive on the mic.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Jul 11, 2023

Working the McDonald’s drive-thru is an emotional journey, according to a recent viral TikTok.

TikToker and McDonald’s worker Alexis Condon (@alexis_condon) posted a slideshow to the app (soundtracked to “The Star-Spangled Banner”) that shows the emotional phases she goes through when serving different types of customers.

The video has garnered over 279,000 views and more than 35,000 likes.

The first slide is captioned, “Me when customers know what they want to order.” In an accompanying selfie, Condon poses confidently with her lips pursed, like she’s feeling herself.

On the second slide, she writes: “Me when the customer checks the screen.” She smiles happily in the accompanying photo.

She captions the third slide, “Me when the customer starts to download the app at the cashier window.” Condon is red-faced and seems on the brink of tears in the photo. Still, she holds a thumbs-up, hanging in there.

In the comments section, fast food workers aired their customer grievances.

“I once had someone order 3 6 burger family meals. and each. burger. was. Different,” one commenter wrote. Condon replied, “I once had that happen.. then they didn’t have money.”

“The third is when they say it’s not their order on the screen AFTER THEY PAID,” a second viewer said.

“‘You made me pay for the wrong order!!’ DID YOU THINK I WAS JOKING WHEN I ASKED IF YOUR ORDER ON THE SCREEN WAS YOURS,” someone else added.

“I’m glad I’m not the only victim who has experienced this,” one comment read.

Another person chimed in, “or when they place a mobile order when they arrive on the mic.”

However, a voice emerged from the other side of the drive-thru as a customer commented, “me ready to say exactly what I want. Macca’s worker: are you using the app today? me: what?”

To those not in the know, the McDonald’s app (available for Apple and Android) allows customers to order their food ahead of time and pick it up at the restaurant. It also allows customers to earn rewards. One McDonald’s customer recently went viral for boasting that he had amassed over 400,000 rewards points on the app.

The Daily Dot contacted Condon via Instagram direct message and McDonald’s via email. 

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*First Published: Jul 11, 2023, 9:52 pm CDT