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‘I only say fresh nuggets bc I use to work at mcd’: McDonald’s worker slams customers demanding ‘everything fresh’—it might not even work

'I try to be as nice as possible to the people making my food'


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Posted on Aug 12, 2023   Updated on Aug 12, 2023, 6:55 pm CDT

Many customer habits annoy fast food workers. And drive thru customers who insist that their order be freshly made is near the top of that list

One McDonald’s employee recently went viral after posting a TikTok video complaining about this exact customer behavior.

Michelle, who is known on TikTok as miichelle03_, posted a video of herself taking an order at the McDonald’s drive thru where she works. The caption text reads: “When a rude customer ends their order with ‘and make everything FRESH.’”

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The video utilizes a popular sound from comedian Drewski in which he says, “Shut up, b*tch.” Michelle lip-syncs the sound after letting out a disappointed sigh. The caption reads: “Say please next time.”

The video has received more than 100,000 views since it was posted on Aug. 11. Current employees, former employees, and customers weighed in on the practice.

“I only say fresh nuggets bc I use to work at mcd and Ik the will stay in the Ben for like 15-20 mins,” wrote Osvaldo.

“and then you do make them fresh and then they complain that they’ve been sitting in the drive thru for too long,” wrote user jaxinhruby.

“i use to be like yes then give them the box that was sitting there,” admitted user Evangeline.

“I try to be as nice as possible to the people making my food,” one user wrote.

Lindsay said it’s OK if it’s one or two items, but “a $20+ order is crazy or when you working the mid & it switches from breakfast to lunch.”

“I remember when I worked at TB and someone said that the line would just laugh and then make it normal,” another user wrote.

And user mountains880 had a suggestion for those customers. “if u want fresh food go to a real restaurant like.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Michelle via TikTok for comment.

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*First Published: Aug 12, 2023, 6:54 pm CDT