Ex-McDonald's corporate chef reveals secret menu burger, the '10:35 burger'—and what's in it

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‘There is nothing better’: Ex-McDonald’s corporate chef reveals secret menu burger, the ’10:35 burger’—and what’s in it

‘McDonald’s needs to listen to the customers’


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Former McDonald’s corporate Chef Mike Haracz (@chefmikeharacz) has posted a number of trending TikTok clips dishing out some insider knowledge and fast food know-how when it comes to folks’ favorite McDonald’s offerings.

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Haracz, who is currently a corporate chef elsewhere, weighs in on everything from securing fresh fries on every order to “hacking” your way into getting a lower cost Big Mac.

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Currently, Haracz works as a corporate chef, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing what it was like working for the Golden Arches, along with some of the menu items he wishes officially made the light of day—like the “10:35 burger.”

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It goes by different names: The McBrunch, the Mc10.35. But the concept is the same. It’s basically a burger made any way that you want—just topped with an egg.

10:35 a.m. is an important time to note here, however. As Haracz says, it’s usually around this time in the day that McDonald’s employees are wrapping up their breakfast service and preparing for lunch. It’s at this golden hour that customers have the highest chance of getting this customization made for them. You’ll probably have better luck in getting crew members to make this for you if they recognize you as a regular.

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There are some variations of the 10.35 burger. This one on Hack the Menu simply tells folks to order a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin and assemble it yourself, as long as your McDonald’s location is offering limited all-day breakfast orders. If they’re not, stroll on in around 10.35 and ask them to assemble it for you.

The Daily Meal also featured the colossal “McBrunch” which is basically a McDouble topped with a hasbrown, egg, and bacon. This forms a Franken-burger that combines the world of breakfast and post-11 a.m. foods together.

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If you’re cool enough with the McDonald’s employees to make you this egg-topped burger, you could probably have them customize it any way you want. So how about an English muffin instead of a bun? Two patties and one egg? Or maybe double up the egg with a cheesy beef patty in the middle. If you’ve got an inside person crafting it for you, then you might as well take full advantage and get your 10:35 made just the way you like it.

Unfortunately, there are some creations too wonky to be available even if you have an inside source. Take this hash brown breakfast sandwich Haracz wanted to make an official menu item, but was told that it was too operationally “complex” and would ultimately make the chain’s kitchens “crash and burn” if they implemented it.

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Nothing’s stopping you from making it yourself, however.

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