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‘During this deadly heat…’: McDonald’s customer calls out drive-thru attendant for charging for ice water


Melody Heald


A McDonald’s customer called out a drive-thru attendant for trying to charge for ice water.

The viral video follows TikTok user moneesmith, who filmed herself in the drive-thru at McDonald’s. “So, you said, how much do you charge for ice and water?” she asks. According to the drive-thru worker, an ice water will cost $.50. The content creator expressed her thoughts in the text overlay, “So, McDonald’s is charging for ice and water now. During this deadly heatwave weather, they are charging this.”

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moneesmith continued her thoughts in the caption, “These companies really dont give a F about anyone. To charge for ice and water is so crazy to me. My son eat McDonald’s daily and at a different location they have never charge for ice, or water. Making a profit is all they care about.”

The video accumulated more than 3,000 views. In the comments, viewers revealed places that also charge for water.

“Taco bell charged me 3 dollars for a large water. I’m like shit. if I knew that, I would’ve gotten a fkn real drink,” one viewer said.

“jack in the box charges for a full large drink just for ice water,” a second stated.

Others shared insight as to why companies are charging for water.

User Amber wrote, “You are still using a cup, straw and lid for the water and ice.”

“it’s paying for the cup,lid,straw. companies gotta pay for that so they gotta charge a little something for paper products,” a second user explained.

There is no national law requiring U.S. restaurants to serve free drinking water to customers. However, some communities have local rules on the books encouraging the behavior. moneesmith isn’t the only person online to take issue with the status quo. A customer went viral earlier this month after a bartender charged her $.50 for a cup of ice water.

The Daily Dot reached out to moneesmith via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email for comment.

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