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‘Bro I be going to McDonald’s when it’s snowing’: Viewers defend McDonald’s customer who ordered through drive-thru in bad weather after worker complains

'Ain't no way y'all still coming to McDonald's in this weather.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 12, 2023

A McDonald’s employee and TikToker, Seavas (@seaavas_), called out a customer who visited the location he works at in the midst of heavy rainfall.

Seavas isn’t the first fast-food worker to question customers’ decisions to pick up food regardless of the weather. A Chick-fil-A employee went viral in 2022 after posting about a storm that was so intense, water began leaking in the restaurant through the crack of a closed drive-thru window.

In Seavas’ video, which has accrued over 139,000 views on the popular social media platform, he and at least one other co-worker seemed shocked that there were customers willing to come into the drive-thru in spite of the downpour.

@seaavas_ STAY HOME BRUH #fyp #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Seavas2

Seavas spoke into the camera as a co-worker laughed off-camera. “Ain’t no way y’all still coming to McDonald’s in this weather bruh,” Seavas said.

He then walked to the drive-thru window and opened it up to show the weather conditions outside. The skies were overcast and dark, and heavy rain slammed the top of a car in the drive-thru. Raindrops fell into the restaurant through the window.

“Stupid-a** shit,” someone else said. The clip then transitioned to the workers laughing as the drive-thru window, which was still open, started to close on its own.

Some commenters who replied to Seavas’ video didn’t seem to agree with his criticism of customers who visit McDonald’s in spite of poor weather conditions. One person wrote: “Bro I be going to McDonald’s when it’s snowing.”

Another appeared to be unapologetic for their decision to get fast food, even in inclement weather. “Make sure my fries are hot lil bro,” they quipped.

However, there were also folks who thought that Seavas was onto something, and couldn’t believe that there were people committed to shopping regardless of whatever mother nature throws at them. “Bro I be annoyed lmaooo I work at the mall it can windy Asf raining and they still all come in to shop ?? Like bruh ?? Stay home,” someone said.

There was a commenter who also said that they’ve encountered customers who expect employees to brave the elements and bring their orders to the curb, despite how bad the weather is. “And they be doing curbsides in that weather,” they shared.

Establishments such as Chick-fil-A has been criticized in the past for giving its employees “waterproof huts” to wear so that they can assist customers outdoors while it’s raining.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s and Seavas via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2023, 1:13 pm CDT