Man ruins Barbie photo op at theater for everybody

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‘This is so symbolic of the film’: Man ruins ‘Barbie’ photo op at theater for woman—and everybody else

‘Literally the entire movie was this’


Beau Paul


Art imitates life but sometimes life imitates art so hard you might start to think that it’s scripted. At least that’s one a group of theatergoers found out when they tried to take a selfie in the lobby outside the new Barbie movie.

TikToker Jessica Kann (@jessicakann) was hoping for a fun day with friends at the movies. Kann had joined a group of pals to check out the blockbuster Barbie movie when the group decided to take a few selfies using the film’s promotional lobby standee—a life-sized Barbie box identical to the one used in the movie.

But one man’s “joke” put a quick stop to that.

@jessicakann Replying to @uh oh Had a few people ask so here are the live photos. The photos were taken on two different phones which is why the middle two aren’t live. There’s no video and there’s not really any audio on them which is why I put the song. Enjoy! #barbie #barbiemovie ♬ Barbie Girl – Lady Aqua

As Kann posed in the box, a random theatergoer decides to use the opportunity for a quick photobomb —and ended up destroying the entire display. In a TikTok that has gained over 12.1 million views since she posted it four days ago, Kann shows the resulting pink carnage in a series of live photos.

Kann is seen in the box as the photobomber approaches, sticks his head into the box with her, and then loses his balance, bringing down the entire display.

Quite a few of the over 14,000 comments on the massive fail point out the all-too-rich irony of male entitlement ruining the fun of a group of women—considering that is essentially the entire plot of the Barbie movie. As one commenter on Kann’s first video about the incident noted, “This is so symbolic of the film LMAO.”

“Literally the entire movie was this,” wrote TikToker Karrigan (@godilovekarrigan). “This is literally the plot of the movie,” another commenter echoed.

“Not the box saying ‘she’s having a GREAT day!’” another user pointed out.

Thankfully, no one appears to have been hurt. In a comment, Kann says that “After we got out of the box,” the photobomber “asked if I was okay and I asked if he was and we were both fine.” The Daily Dot has reached out to Kann via TikTok for further comment.

And for those wondering, according to a follow-up video, many selfies were taken despite all the destruction including one of Kann in the box before its destruction.

Hopefully, Barbieland can get a new box to the theater before next weekend.

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