Madonna joins Twitter, battles little monsters and YouTube censors

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To promote her new album, Madonna is trying to revamp her presence on the Web. But YouTube censors and Lady Gaga fans stand in the way. 

Madonna just can’t find her groove online.

The dance-pop diva (sort of) joined Twitter on Sunday to promote her new album, MDNA, which is officially released on Monday. She’s tweeting at @MadonnaMDNADay and will answer questions Monday night at 10 pm Eastern Time.

Since Sunday, nearly 5,000 tweets have been sent using the hashtag #AskMadonna, according to social media analytics tool Topsy. The most amusing questions, however, came from Lady Gaga fans who badgered Madonna about her age: “Was your first pet a Dinosaur? #askmadonna,” tweeted @hollyh00ker.

Madonna’s having some trouble on YouTube as well. The new video for her song “Girls Gone Wild” was restricted to viewers only over 18 years old due to racy content. If you want to watch the 53-year-old singer shake it, you must sign-in to YouTube.

According to the New York Post, Madonna’s team is working with YouTube to end the warning. The Google-owned video site sent her a list of shots that needed to cut from the video, which probably includes the one of a man rubbing his crotch and bare bums gyrating about.

Regardless of the restrictions, the video has racked 1.5 million views since its posting last Wednesday. The video’s comments have devolved into troll-war between Lady Gaga and Madonna fans including one Gaga fan calling the video a “FLOOOOOP.”

Poor Madonna, all she probably wants is for Mr. DJ to put a record on and not have to deal with this.

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