long-distance couple signing a contract in case they cheat on each other

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‘So if anything goes wrong we can sue each other’: Viewers defend long-distance couple after they signed a contract in case they cheat on each other

'Not me pausing the video to get ideas.'


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Posted on Aug 21, 2023

TikToker Devon Motley (@devonrainmotley) went viral after posting a TikTok sharing the long-distance relationship contract she and her boyfriend signed.

The video has been viewed 1.4 million times and garnered over 170,000 likes. Devon frames the video with a text overlay that reads: “POV: You and your bf write a contract before going into [a] long-distance [relationship] so if anything goes wrong you can sue each other (We have been watching Suits too much).”

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The video begins with the contract, which stipulates that neither party is allowed to end the relationship until Sept. 2024, and details how cheating, slander, and neglect constitute violations that can terminate the relationship. 

The contract also includes conditions such as sharing your location at all times, having to answer any calls from your partner, and keeping in continuous daily contact. 

Commenters loved the concept, with many asking for a copy of the long-distance contract. 

“Not me pausing the video to get ideas,” one said. 

“No because SHARE the document,” a second added. 

“Making my bf sign this before I move away,” a third stated. 

Since posting the video, Devon has linked two versions of the contract: one for 99 cents, and an editable version for $5.99. It’s unclear if she has made any sales. 

Some pointed out that the contract has some difficult parameters, long-distance or not.

“Complaining is considered SLANDER??? This is outrageous,” a user said. 

“It only says cheating is valid if it’s with a member of the opposite sex so they can easily still get some action,” someone else added. 

“The location one is insane,” another person replied. 

Despite Devon’s joke about suing one another if the relationship goes sideways, a relationship contract isn’t a binding legal agreement. However, it is a tool that can be useful for discussing needs and keeping a couple on the same page. Though some people disagreed with the specifics of Devon’s rules, boundaries are necessary in order to build a future with someone, and a written document can clarify potential issues before they arise. 

Long-distance relationships can be stronger than most people believe. According to new research, the success rate currently stands at 58 percent. Approximately 1.1 million Americans are in a long-distance relationship. Three million married couples also live away from each other. Unfortunately, however, long-distance relationships aren’t for everyone: the average couple breaks up after approximately 4 months of being apart. 

Regardless, what matters is what the couple chooses. Not statistics, and certainly not comments on social media. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Devon via TikTok comment for further information. 

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*First Published: Aug 21, 2023, 4:58 pm CDT