Little Caesar's employee pressing crazy bread dough (l) Little Caesars building with sign (c) Little Caesar's employee cutting crazy bread (r)

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‘That’s why the shape is goofy’: Former Little Caesars employee reveals how they make Crazy Bread

‘Y’all it’s CRAZY bread for a reason.’


Melody Heald


A former Little Caesars employee revealed in a viral TikTok how the pizza chain makes its famous Crazy Bread.

In the 20-second clip, TikTok user Tye (@offical_tyepearson) shows two round pieces of dough in between plastic, slides them under the dough press, and flattens them. The dough then morphs into one giant circle of dough before the employee begins cutting into six rows with a pizza cutter while still in the plastic. Afterward, he douses a pan with butter and places each individual strip of bread on it before presumably taking it to be baked.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Tye via TikTok comment. The video racked up over 2.3 million views as of Friday, sparking discussion among viewers.

“My crazy bread does come out the bag shaped like this too,” one viewer wrote.

“Now it all makes sense. I always wondered why the breads would be different sizes/shapes,” a second said while another shared, “Now i understand why my breadsticks always come in different shapes… long pencils or fat as$ carrots.”

However, some were distracted by other things and pointed them out.

“Idk why him cutting w the plastic is freaking me out, thinking ab microplastics,” one user pointed out.

“Why’re you no wearing gloves,” a second asked.

“Nah that pan needs to be clean fr or tossed out,” a third noted.

Others had mixed feelings about how Crazy Bread is made.

“I would’ve asked for a refund on that damn crazy bread,” one person shared.

“The weirder the shape the better the taste,” a second stated.

“The cut is crazy ain’t finna stop me from ordering 2 orders tho,” a third commented.

“Shittiest way to make the crazy bread bro,” a fourth remarked.

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