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‘Lennar homes are literally cardboard’: Homeowner warns against company building houses across the country, says it charges hidden fees

‘Not the for rent already.’


Charlotte Colombo


A homeowner has warned the public against going into business with a housing company in a pretty novel way.

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The homeowner’s grievance is with Lennar, a company that “builds new homes in 26 states across the country,” according to its website.

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In a video that has now amassed 2.3 million views, TikToker Kary (@kapadil_13) drives through a neighborhood of homes that she says were recently constructed. Several still have lawn signs indicating they’re Lennar homes that have recently been sold. However, on one house, a flashing neon sign displays the following message: “Don’t buy Lennar. Buyer beware ‘Buyer fees,’ ‘quote fees,’ buyer beware.”

Kary didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

What’s the problem with Lennar?

In the comments section, TikTokers shared some of their own problems with Lennar. “My mom lived in one and the neighbors second floor bathtub fell through the floor,” one commenter claimed. “I work for a flooring company and the most ‘repair’ orders we get are from Lennar homes,” another alleged. “When I was a mortgage processor I literally hated Lennar with every fibre of my being,” a third added.

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While a fourth commenter compared Lennar to cardboard, other TikTok users also claimed that they were in the process of getting a home through Lennar. “Not me closing on a Lennar home in 3 days,” one commented. “I’m currently under contract with Lennar and can’t back out,” another shared.

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Across Reddit, other internet users shared their own grievances with the housing company. One Redditor accused Lennar of having a “lack of integrity,” while another said they “deeply regret” building their home with Lennar.

However, one of the strongest indictments against the housing company comes from Jon and Jocelyn Engel, customers who recently got into a legal battle with the company after reporting problems like “framing issues” and “multiple defective floors.”

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“We didn’t think that a brand-new home would have anywhere near this many issues,” Jon told ABC 15. Lennar didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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