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‘I’m not entry-level, I’m not even mid-level’: Laid-off worker with 10 years’ experience says she’s applied to 100 jobs—and gotten 0 offers

'Are you curious about how the job market is doing right now?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Mar 20, 2023

In a popular video, a worker explains how her job search is going after being laid off. Spoiler alert: Not well.

“Are you curious about how the job market is doing right now? Let me show you,” Wesley Anna (@itswesleyanna) says.

She proceeds to show the job tracker she made in Notion which includes all the steps of the application process, from submitting an application to the offer phase (or no offer) phase.

So far, Wesley Anna says she has applied to 100 jobs and got to the interview stage with four, had four roles rescinded, and five resulted in no offer. Wesley Anna has talked about her job-hunting woes in many other videos.

“I’m not entry-level, I’m not even mid-level. I’m a senior designer and have 10 years of experience,” she explains.

Wesley Anna adds that of her 10 years of experience, three of her work years were with a Fortune 500 company, and another year was with a few big tech brands, including SoftBank and Dropbox.

“And yet, still I wake up to emails like this every single day,” she says before showing rejection emails.

While the designer says she has a dozen external recruiters searching for her, they all say the market is “just super slow.” She’s also applying for contract and temp work, but “even those I get ghosted,” she said in the comment section.

The video was made in response to a comment asking: “Is finding a new job that hard, and are you looking for something that pays only a certain amount.”

@itswesleyanna Replying to @ekklee1 job market update 😔✌🏼 #jobhunting #layoffs #unemployed #unemployment ♬ original sound – Wesley Anna

Wesley Anna’s experience seems to have resonated, seeing that the video has nearly 150 comments and 80,000 views.

“Creative director here. I just accepted a 3-month contract gig for way less than I’d normally make. It’s definitely tough out here,” a person said.

“Going through the same thing! Jobs that I’m 1000000% qualified for I’ve been getting rejections for, nothing makes sense, another said.

“It’s picking back up! I’ve been getting interviews all week. I think the hot months changed to March – May now,” a commenter shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Wesley Anna for comment via TikTok comment but did not immediately hear back.

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*First Published: Mar 20, 2023, 8:20 am CDT