LA Game Space is practically giving away games on Kickstarter


As part of a fundraising initiative, the nonprofit center is giving away 30 different indie video game titles in exchange for $15 pledges. 

Gamers, you should get on this now.

LA Game Space, a nonprofit center that aims to “explore the potential and expand the possibilities of video games,” is currently raising funds to build its center in Los Angeles. To entice supporters, the organization is giving away independent video games via its Kickstarter project to those who back the project with at least $5.

At that entry amount, contributors will get a new, exclusive game by Keita Takahashi, creator of the 2004’s critically acclaimed Katamari Damacy.

A good deal indeed, but not the best that LA Game Space is offering. For an extra $10, backers will get 30 different titles. The nonprofit organization has yet to disclose the entire list of what games supporters will get, but they have indicated that included in the bundle are Noitu Love 2: Devolution, Aquaria, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, The Basement Collection, and Super Crate Box: X-Mas Edition.

An added bonus: The bundle touts a game co-created by Pendleton Ward, the artist behind the cult favorite Adult Swim program, Adventure Time. Ward is an avid gamer and has started an video game-focused interview series on Tumblr.

All of the aforementioned titles can be played on PC and Mac.

LA Game Space also has some cool, tangible perks for those who pledge more. For $55, for example, supporters will get all of the games and a T-shirt with a design from artists like eBoy and Scott Pilgrim creator/comic book artist Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The nonprofit’s original goal of $250,000 was met and surpassed on Monday, Dec. 3. As of this writing, LA Game Space has raised $321,510 from 10,160 backers.

Kickstarter, as the company has stressed previously, is not a store, but that hasn’t stopped video-game makers like Andrew Hussie (of Homestuck fame) from using the crowdfunding platform to essentially sell copies of their games. Hussie successfully raised over $2 million, the bulk of which came from over 7,000 supporters paying $15 for a digital copy of the game upon its release.

The campaign ends today, Friday, Dec. 7. Those interested can make a pledge via Kickstarter.

Photo via LA Game Space/Kickstarter

Fidel Martinez

Fidel Martinez

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