More and more artists are choosing to kickstart their projects.

The crowdfunding craze keeps on climbing.

Kickstarter campaign launches are up 50 percent over the last six months according to Gigoam. Dreamers, schemers, and innovators have now created more than 79,000 campaigns since the site opened in 2008.

That spike has come in the wake of a series of highly successful and even more highly publicized projects—Eric Migicovsky’s Pebble watch, Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure game, and Julie Uhrman’s Ouya gaming console, to name a few—but it hasn’t done much for Kickstarter’s success rate.

According to Kickstarter spokesman Justin Kazmark, campaigns are still successfully reaching their funding goals at a 44 percent clip, with dance, theater, and music related projects the most likely to succeed.

Film & Video projects, long the most common form of Kickstarter campaign, are subsequently only meeting funding at a rate of 40 percent. The projects least likely to reach their funding goals fall under the umbrellas of fashion, publishing, and technology. Each of those are getting funded at a rate lower than 33 percent.

Photo via Kickstarter/Facebook

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