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‘Now I have a reason to buy booze’: Fashion stylist shares hack for keeping clothes fresh between wears (updated)

‘Some for me, some for my jacket.’


Tangie Mitchell


A stylist is sharing a classic tip for keeping clothes fresh between wears by using a simple mixture of water and vodka.

In a viral TikTok, fashion stylist and content creator Christie Moeller (@christiemoeller) breaks down how to “keep your clothes smelling fresh like a stylist.” 

Moeller first explains that it is not necessary to wash a garment after each wear. She even suggests that excessive washing could ruin the quality of your clothing sooner. “Did you know your clothes will actually last longer if you don’t wash them after every wear? And you can wear dry-clean-only clothes three or four times before they need to go to the cleaners,” she says.

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“On set, sometimes actors have to wear the same clothes multiple days in a row, and there’s no time to clean them in between,” she continues. “Stylists have a trick to keep those clothes fresh, and all you need is some vodka and water.”

She then details how to make the concoction. “In a spray bottle, add one part water to one part vodka. Then, give the inside of the clothing a little spritz.”

Moeller holds a gold blazer on a hanger and sprays the inside of it as she speaks. “The vodka’s gonna kill any of that odor-causing bacteria,” she says.

As the video concludes, she quips, “And no, you’re not gonna smell like booze. Just a clean, fresh garment.” 

The video has received nearly 603,000 views and 53,000 likes as of publication.

In the comments section, some viewers appreciated the new tip, while others co-signed its validity with their own experiences.

“I learned this trick from an older drag queen! All those expensive gowns that you can’t wash!” one commenter said.

“Start doing this dearly with new garments and be diligent! Vodka can only do so much and if it’s already a lot of BO you won’t get it all out!” another viewer cautioned.

“That’s how I keep myself ‘fresh’ too,” joked a third user.

Others shared how the water and vodka mix also works as a cleaner for “pet accidents” and, with a few added drops of peppermint oil or lavender, becomes a “room or loo deodorant.”

The Daily Dot contacted Christie via Instagram direct message for more information. 

Update 7:39am CT Sept. 20: Christie shared the following comment with the Daily Dot via Instagram direct message.

“The only thing I would add is that if it’s a particularly strong smell you are trying to get rid of you can use the vodka straight without diluting it.”

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