British woman stands trial for racist rant caught on YouTube

racist brit charged

Jacqueline Woodhouse has pleaded guilty “to causing alarm and distress” for her explicative-laden subway rant, footage of which has been viewed 200,000 times on YouTube. 

Forty-two-year-old London traveler Jacqueline Woodhouse made global headlines in February when her racist tirade against immigrants was caught on camera.

Months later, she has pleaded guilty “to causing alarm and distress,” The Guardian reported.  

The incident took place on Jan. 23, where a reportedly inebriated Woodhouse began insulting passengers of color, calling them “illegal immigrants” and “fucking foreign shitheads.” She accuses them of not paying taxes and at one point even threatens to punch a man as he begins to sing the Pakistani national anthem.

Woodhouse will be sentenced on May 29.

Galbant Juttla, the man who recorded and uploaded Woodhouse’s rant, told The Guardian he uploaded the footage to YouTube “because I thought that was the fast-track process to catching this person.”

Woodhouse actually turned herself in, after the video received considerable media attention.

“She needs to be set an example of,” Juttla previously said to Huffington Post in the U.K. “People should look at what happens to her and say ‘we can’t behave like this in the public domain’.”

Woodhouse isn’t the first British woman to be prosecuted for her racist rants through the aid of YouTube. Emma West, whose racist rant in the winter of 2011 had her behind bars on Christmas, will stand trial on June 11. West’s rant, viewed more than 11 million times worldwide, seems to have set a precedent.  

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