Worker says IRS contacted her saying she owes them 'a little change' from 3 years ago. She tells them to 'let it go'

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‘Girl they hit me up for $65 they are desperate!!’: Worker says IRS contacted her saying she owes them ‘a little change’ from 3 years ago. She tells them to ‘let it go’

'They can collect it from the spike in grocery prices.'


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Posted on Aug 24, 2023

One woman says the IRS is after her for a “little change,” but she knows better than to not pay it.

In a viral video that has amassed over 18,000 views, TikTok user Zarina (@capricornyamz_) explained how the tax collection agency reached out and demanded she fork over cash for messing up her taxes.


imma pay it though cus thats one 3 letter group i aint bout to play with LMFAO

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“I get a letter in the mail from the IRS talking about ‘yeah, your taxes from 2020, you messed up, you owe us a little change,'” she explained in the 21-second clip.

Zarina was surprised that the agency would get in touch for a small amount of cash. However, she didn’t reveal how much she owes.

“At this point, you begging, and it’s not cute,” she said. “Let it go.”

Despite her snarky remark, there is one thing that’s certain: She has no intention of not settling her owed debt with the IRS.

“Imma pay it though cus thats one 3 letter group I ain’t bout to play with LMFAO,” the TikToker captioned the clip.

In the comments section, viewers warned that the letter may be a scam and urged her to reach out to the IRS directly.

“Please double check that it’s a legit letter from the IRS,” one viewer wrote. “You can call them…but don’t call the number on the letter. I seen this on a different video.”

Some offered tips on how to get away with not paying the owed amount.

“They only get 3 years to audit,” a user commented. “Find the law and quote it in a letter disputing the debt and send it certified!”

Others shared their own debts.

“Same but from this year and it was $8,” a viewer wrote.

“They hit me up for 20 dollars, 20!!!!!!” another shared.

One viewer even offered an explanation for why people may be receiving notices so late.

“I’ve been working for a tax firm since 2019 since,” they said. “COVID set the IRS so far back that they literally stopped for a minute & now they’re back.”

According to the IRS’s website, there are, in fact, letter scams where unsuspecting people are tricked into doling out their personal information.

One popular scheme involves receiving mail with fake IRS letterhead that requests information like photos of driver’s licenses that can be used to steal a person’s identity. The agency regularly updates its website with information about the most prolific “dirty dozen” scams.

The Daily Dot contacted Zarina via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Aug 24, 2023, 4:49 pm CDT