No alchohol involved, believe it or not.

Much of Ireland will be nursing sore heads today, as the bleary-eyed masses try to remember what happened as they celebrated their national holiday.

@Ireland, on the other hand, took a much more low-key approach to the festivities.

Much like the more-famous @sweden, Ireland’s national Twitter account is run by a different Irish Twitter user each week. As the Emerald Isle ran awash with Guinness and whiskey, @Ireland’s most recent Twitter curator, radio broadcaster Rick O’Shea, was on the other side of the Atlantic. 

O’Shea followed proceedings from Boston, from where he’s hosting his show this week. Despite spending the most Irish of all days, in one of the most Irish of all cities, he didn’t do one of the most stereotypically Irish of things. O’Shea pledged to steer clear of alcohol for March. Good timing.

Here’s how @ireland celebrated its big day. (Note: @ireland’s Twitter name is now “Ciaran,” the Irish tweeter who took over for O’Shea this week, but the tweets below are O’Shea’s.)

Photo by @liveireland/Twitter

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