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‘she had a note on her order saying she’s handicapped and when she asked I felt too bad saying no’: Instacart driver carries in elderly customer’s groceries. Then, she takes away the tip

‘She really was sweet.’


Eric Webb


Posted on Jun 2, 2023

It’s hard out here for an Instacart shopper, according to a TikTok creator’s recent video.

The TikToker, who goes by Sara (@saphriite), posted the video on June 1. In just one day on the platform, it received over 30,000 views.

“Delivering an Instacart to an elderly customer who asked me to help bring stuff in so of course I did and she was really sweet and kept thanking me and then she took away the tip after I left,” reads the video’s on-screen text.

Sara uses a popular TikTok sound that repeats the words “I don’t understand” to convey her thoughts on the situation.

@saphriite She really was sweet #instacart #instacartshopper #fyp #idontunderstand ♬ son original – Axel🇺🇸

In the comments section, viewers guessed why the customer may have taken back Sara’s tip.

“If I had to bet she tried to increase the tip and accidentally removed it,” one commenter said. “Sounds like something my mom would do.”

“Could it be someone else does the ordering for her and tip baited,” a second asked.

Some delivery drivers even weighed in on the situation.

“Same I will never go into someone’s house even if they are an old lady I just say, ‘oh I’m so sorry I don’t go inside of houses, I can leave it (closest place),'” one viewer wrote.

“It was always a joy helping people bring their groceries in, had one of them tip me $10 then drop it to $1 because I got their doormat dirty,” a second shared.

“Girl. You’re not supposed to go inside,” another added. Sara replied, “I knowwww but she had a note on her order saying she’s handicapped and when she asked I felt too bad saying no.”

According to Instacart’s community guidelines for customers, “Instacart shoppers are expected to deliver groceries to the customer at their desired address, but are never expected or required to enter the residence of a customer and reserve the right to decline the request.”

Instacart says tips are optional, but 100% of customers’ tips go directly to the shopper for their order. “The minimum default tip is 5% of your order total,” according to the company. 

Customers can indeed modify tips up to two hours after delivery, according to Instacart. 

They can also increase tips up to two weeks after delivery, so maybe hope lives yet.

The Daily Dot emailed Sara and Instacart for comment and did not receive responses by publication time.

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*First Published: Jun 2, 2023, 12:33 pm CDT