Customer says Instacart shopper tried to replace bread with mechanical pencils

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‘Instead of bread you want the pencils?’: Customer says Instacart shopper tried to replace bread with mechanical pencils

'This is worse than the time my shopper replaced multivitamins with melatonin gummies.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Jul 17, 2023

Call it an Instacart comedy of errors.

TikTok creator @schultz8702 recently posted a video slideshow about a funny breakdown in communication with their grocery delivery shopper. The video has almost 30,000 views as of Monday.

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“When your Instacart shopper really wants you to buy mechanical pencils instead of bread,” the text overlay reads. 

According to the screenshots, the creator had ordered two loaves of D’Italiano Italian bread. The suggested replacement from the shopper, as seen in the Instacart app—two packs of BiC mechanical No. 2 pencils. For a dollar more, in fact.

The creator sent a message to the shopper, writing, “Mechanical pencils LOL.” The shopper replied, “Would you want those added?” The creator clarified, “No you replaced the bread with mechanical pencils.”

According to another screenshot, the creator messaged, “Do you see you have pencils instead of bread … It’s asking me to approve pencils.”

The shopper replied, “Instead of bread you want pencils?”

Real “Who’s on first?” stuff.

One commenter asked what everyone was thinking, writing, “Did you get your pencils?”

“Mine said they were out of the dressing I wanted and asked if there was a replacement in the photo…he sent me a picture of an empty shelf,” another commenter wrote.

“My shopper was at Costco and they were out of canned chicken. He replaced it with chicken of the sea, tuna,” one person commented.

A few grocery delivery shoppers chimed in with comments, too.

“Im crying bro I shop for instacart and this is just absolutely beyond me wtf do u mean pencils,” a person commented. The creator replied, “The best part is she thought I was asking for them instead of bread.”

“Sometimes the store barcodes don’t match up I tried to swap brands of pepperoni, and it popped up as dish detergent,” one person wrote.

“Oh! the app glitches and does this sometimes. it’s super annoying but I’ll bet you the shopper was holding a different loaf of bread not pencils,” another person commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to @schultz8702 via TikTok and Instacart via email.

Another day, another TikTok story time about Instacart. Last month, a customer posted a video about ordering three bananas, then getting three bundles of bananas from their shopper. Another creator said their Instacart shopper increased quantities of items that were requested and then didn’t deliver it all.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 12:53 pm CDT