Instacart driver allegedly steals money and buys tequila

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‘I’m so confused on how they could substitute alcohol’: Instacart driver allegedly steals customer’s money and buys tequila

‘instacart should’ve had red flag with ALL these substitutions.’


Melody Heald


An Instacart customer revealed in a TikTok video that her driver allegedly marked her order items as out of stock and then went on a grocery spending spree—on her dime. It allegedly included tequila.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Fe (@fayfayfayth) who revealed a screen recording from the Instacart app. “OK guys, let’s see what my Instacart driver stole from my account instead of getting what I needed to be get,” she said. First, she scrolled through the items that she ordered. Some of the groceries included soda, breakfast items, fruit, and more. However, what stood out was how all of her items were “out of stock.”

After scrolling through the order she placed, the content creator unveiled the stuff her driver allegedly stole by substituting what was “out of stock” with whatever they apparently wanted. “Instead of getting what I need and dropping it off, no, they’re gonna use my account and use $360 to buy whatever the flip they want,” she stated. The driver apparently got an array of stuff, from nail kits and alcohol to cake mix and toilet paper.

Since Fe never heard of Instacart drivers doping this, she posted her experience: “So I hope this is, like, a warning sign.”

The content creator shared how she planned on getting a refund and reiterated her warning. In addition, she was frustrated because now she can’t cook dinner. Instead, her Instacart driver will allegedly be dining on her dollar.

“So, I hope they have fun with their champagne dinner, I guess,” she concluded the video.

@fayfayfayth So my instacart driver stole my groceries and bought tequilla instead. #instacart #fredmeyer #kroger #fredmeyerapp #seattle #instacartdriver #stolengroceries #theft #delivery #groceries #refundplease ♬ original sound – Fe

The Daily Dot reached out to Fe via TikTok comment and Instacart via press email regarding the video. The video accumulated over 6,000 views within 24 hours, leaving customers and drivers shocked.

“instacart should’ve had red flag with ALL these substitutions,” one viewer wrote.

“As a shopper I’m so confused on how they could substitute alcohol. Just wow,” a second commented.

“wow, this incredible, make instacart look crazy, yall messing up gig apps,” a third remarked.

Fe joins the list of other customers who’ve had their groceries allegedly stolen. One Instacart customer named Monet Bradford’s shopper allegedly “added a 6-pack of Fiji, Tide Pods, and other groceries.” In addition, another one named Rachel claimed that her driver “used her $200 Kroger order to buy groceries for themselves.”

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