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‘Get somebody else to do it’: Worker blasts those who get an ‘undeserved promotion’ and then ask for help

‘I trained my replacement without knowing.’


Melody Heald


A corporate worker shared his response to co-workers who receive an “undeserved” promotion and ask him for help in how to handle their new role.

The five-second video was uploaded by TikTok user King Pat (@king_patv) who typically posts corporate-related content. In this skit, he revealed his response to those who receive an “undeserved promotion” and then ask for assistance.

The content creator sat at his desk, reading paperwork when a worker asks for his help. “No, no. Get someone else to do it,” he lip-synced in response.

@king_patv Bitter Betty #worklife #corporatetiktok #corporatelife #wfh #workpromotion #workhumor #fypシ #fyp #relatable ♬ original sound – ItsDeDe Tv

The Daily Dot reached out to King Pat via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video racked up 712,000 views as of Friday, resonating with viewers.

“Happens too often,” one viewer said.

“So accurate,” a second agreed.

“I felt that first facial expression deep down in my spiritttt,” a third wrote.

However, some explained why this typically happens.

“Happens all the time,” a user explained. “For lots of reasons. Usually cos the promoted are easier to manipulate and you are too good to be replaced at your job.”

“There’s two ways to get a promotion. Politics and excellence,” a second stated. “The latter takes longer.”

“Learnt over the years hardwork means jackshit in corporate world. You need to play the game and kiss the right a**cheeks,” a third revealed.

In addition, others shared their own experiences in the workplace.

“Happened to me. Guy I trained got promoted over me while I was on paternity leave. First day back, asks for help,” one person shared.

“They wanted me to train the manager after they denied me that position,” a second recalled.

“I swear to god I do absolutely everything my colleague does plus more and SHE got promoted and honestly keeps asking me for help mind blowing i swear,” a third commented.

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