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‘I’m negative $111. I’m in debt to HelloFresh‘: HelloFresh customer forgets to cancel subscription, she’s now in debt

'They make it nearly impossible to cancel! After the last time I'll never go bk.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 24, 2023

A HelloFresh subscriber posted a video to TikTok in which she admitted to being in debt to the German-based meal kit provider for the amount of $111.

TikToker Genvieve Romia-Healy (@genevieveromiahealy) begins her clip by expressing shock at the fact that HelloFresh was able to continually bill her even though they didn’t have a working credit card on file.

@genevieveromiahealey In debt to @HelloFresh Australia I tell you. Someone console me and tell me its going to be okay😭 I didnt know this could happen. Its fine. Im okay😭 #fyp #viral #moneygone #debt #melbourne #nz #auckland #fypシ゚viral #trend ♬ original sound – Genevieve Romia-Healey

The text overlay reads, “I’m in debt because of hellofresh,” as Genevieve speaks directly to camera. “When was someone gonna tell me that if a platform takes money from you, non-existent money … that it can still go through.”

The creator continues, “I have Netflix, and Disney Plus, and Spotify, and what not, and every time they try and take money and I don’t have money, it will always say like, it’s been declined … update your payment methods.” 

However, she says, HelloFresh continued to keep her account active and billed her even though she had no valid payment method on file with them. “I’m negative $111. I’m in debt to HelloFresh … And I completely forgot that I even had them.”

She finishes by addressing the company. “HelloFresh. I know I don’t have money, and so did you, but you still took it anyways. I cancelled my membership but…the food better be bomb when it comes here.” 

The creator did take responsibility for the fact that she should have cancelled the membership. But, she argues that the company shouldn’t be able to run up a tab for customers who don’t have payment information on file.

The video received 97,400 views, and users in the comments were quick to sympathize with the TikToker.

“There needs to be a class action lawsuit against HelloFresh!” one user proclaimed. 

Another took the creator’s story as a warning, saying, “Omg I am not signing up for this thank u.”  

Others shared their own issues with the company.

One person said, “They sent me 3 boxes over 3 weeks I didn’t pay for, now I have a debt collector saying I owe just over $400. I didn’t even order or want them,” while another pointed out that, “they make it nearly impossible to cancel! after the last time ill never go bk.”

Many companies make it complicated to cancel subscriptions and take advantage of the many customers who continue to pay without being aware that they’re still signed up for the service. Some businesses do accept requests for backdated refunds on subscriptions that customers have unknowingly had, but there’s no guarantee for this.  

The DailyDot has reached out to Genevieve and HelloFresh via email for comment.   

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*First Published: Aug 24, 2023, 4:21 pm CDT