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‘Why does Walmart have this on their shelves?’: Mom calls out ‘disturbing’ toy that she says is teaching kids the wrong thing

‘I can’t believe my own eyes.’


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One mom took to social media to blast Walmart for a “disturbing” toy she found on the retailer’s shelves.

In a viral video with over 215,000 views, TikTok user KaseyMarie (@kaseycorliss) expressed her concerns about the store’s Huggy Wuggy toy and pointed out why she believes it is inappropriate for children.

“I can’t believe my own eyes,” she began the clip.

She said that during a trip to Walmart, she spotted an item in the children’s toy aisle that left her feeling very uncomfortable.

“I seen a really disturbing toy in the kids’ section that shouldn’t be in Walmart at all, let alone the kids’ section,” she explained.

She then shared an image of a blue plush toy on the store’s shelves in boxes labeled “Poppy.”

“Don’t look this up,” she continued. “Don’t buy this for your kids.”

Huggy Wuggy is an evil villain in the 2021 horror PC game Poppy Playtime by MOB Games. The blue plush toy has two different faces. One face has a pleasant smile, but when its head is turned around, a scary toothy grin is revealed.

The mother cautioned other parents not to take the toy lightly. She believes it is sending the wrong message to children, though she never quite elaborated on what that message could be.

“I can’t even say what it’s teaching kids to do to themselves because TikTok will have me probably banned from TikTok for even saying it,” she said.

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Some have issued warnings about the game that features the Huggy Wuggy character and believe it is unsuitable for very young children.

KaseyMarie was so disturbed by the toy that she decided to address it with the customer service desk at her Walmart. That’s when she was told by a worker that the toy would be removed from shelves at that store.

However, to have the plush removed from all stores, the mom would have to reach out to the corporate marketing department with her concerns.

“I will try to call corporate,” she said.

Nonetheless, she has little hope that anything will be done about the toy.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via email and KaseyMarie by TikTok comment for more information.

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