The Tweekender: How to spot a Twitter psychopath

With hundreds of millions of tweets per day, it’s impossible to follow everything happening on Twitter. Every Friday, the Daily Dot rounds up  notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

  • Twitter’s apparently talking with Hollywood for an original video series. It’s also working on a way for you to access your old tweets.

  • After blocking an Instagram feature, it seems further Twitter platform limitations are in the works.

  • Author Luke Bozier explained why he left the network for good.

  • Motherboard has scientific advice on spotting Twitter psychopaths. Boffins are also looking into how illness can be predicted through tweets.

  • Twitter was knocked offline for a couple of hours on Thursday on the eve of the Olympics kick-off, due to a data center flub.

  • A tweet attributed to German Olympic flag bearer Natascha Keller that worked Greeks into a tizzy was apparently fake.

  • Someone with access to the mayor of Liverpool’s account had terse words for London before the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Photo of the week: An image of London’s Tower Bridge (and Olympic rings) lit up by a sunset retweeted by U.K. television personality Holly Willoughby. (@joleneellis)

Kris Holt

Kris Holt

Based in Montreal, Kris Holt has been writing about technology and web culture since 2010. He writes for Engadget and Tech News World, and his byline has also appeared in Paste, Salon, International Business Times, Mashable, and elsewhere.