Shopper shows how to properly shop for jeans


‘As a retail worker pls do not do this we have to fix it’: Ross Dress for Less shopper shows how to properly shop for jeans

‘My jaw is on the floor.’


Phil West


A Ross shopper showed off a jeans-shopping hack she claimed blew her mind—but not everyone’s enthusiastic about it.

Creator Justice Z (@ztheeunicorn) shared it on TikTok, getting more than 4.4 million views as of Monday.

She’s shopping at what appears to be a Ross Dress for Less store with her mom, standing in front of a rack of jeans. She expresses awe at the trick she’s just learned for moving jeans along the rail, then has her mom show it off.

@ztheeunicorn I cant believe I’ve been doing it the other way this entire time #shoppinghack #mindblown #whoknew #easyhack ♬ original sound – Justice Z

With deft flicks of the wrist, her mother whips each pair of jeans down the rack in a swiveling motion, so she can quickly see both the front and the back of the jeans.

The creator indicated, based on her movements, that she’d just shuttled jeans along the rail, having to move her head to access front and back views of the jeans.

Viewers lent their observations in the comments section.

“My jaw is on the floor,” admitted one.

The creator responded, “Girl saaaaame I knew my momma was smart but in ain’t know she was a genius.”

Another said, “This is revolutionary.”

Someone else praised Justice Z for the advice, saying, “Thank you for this knowledge.”

However, a number of retail workers expressed dissatisfaction with this hack.

“As someone who works retail i would be sitting on the floor crying because i know customers have to touch EVERYTHING,” one said.

Another raised a more practical point, stating, “I don’t even work retail and I would absolutely hate that they’re facing different directions.”

Someone who does work retail simply said, “All the retail workers SCREAMING NOOOO.”

One commenter, responding to that, observed, “Plus the racks at Ross be so jam packed some times u don’t have space to do all that.”

Someone else remarked, “As someone who has to fix racks like this please don’t.”

Possibly shedding light on what “fix racks” means, another offered, “There is a standard for which way the jeans are supposed to be facing.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via email and to Ross via the online website form.

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