hotel worker praises job, says she does nothing for $14 an hour


‘If you’re a teenager $14 is good tbh’: Hotel housekeeper praises job, says she ‘does nothing’ for $14 an hour

'Y'all saying 14 isn't good but I got paid 3.50 at Sonic.'


Phil West


Posted on Sep 9, 2023

A woman claimed to have a job at a hotel where she was making $14 to do nothing, wear what she wanted, and hang out with her friends.

The video comes courtesy of TikTok creator Cece Fuller (@_ceceliaaaaaa), and it’s gotten a remarkable 1.8 million views since going up on Aug. 22.

The on-screen caption tells most of the tale, for a short video clip that features the creator and possibly a co-worker sitting in a hotel room. It reads, “Guys work at a hotel, you do nothing, get paid 14$ hr, get to wear whatever you want, while working with your friends.”

@_ceceliaaaaaa Ive been sitting here for 30 mins and am getting oaid for it #fyp #hotel ♬ origineel geluid – CAS

It’s unclear what the job is exactly from the video, although an accompanying caption underscores how lax the job is. It reads, “I’ve been sitting here for 30 mins and am getting paid for it.” However, the creator wrote a comment clarifying that they worked in housekeeping.

“I work in house keeping, this dosnt happen everyday it was just rlly slow that day!!!” they wrote.

Commenters debated whether $14 an hour is really the flex that the creator seemed to imply that it is.

One argued, “For the people saying $14 isn’t good $14 an hour is good if ur doing absolutely nothing.”

But another person countered, “It’s not good if you live in an expensive state lol. in oregon you gotta make like $23 to survive.”

Another commenter pointed out, “14 dollars is lower than minimum wage in my state.”

Others were inspired to share their own cushy job stories.

“My dad gets paid $22 to watch people work and eat donuts,” one said.

“Me when i’m a hostess and i do absolutely nothing but get [paid] $17,” another shared.

In another video, put up three days after the original, the creator addresses the debate, noting, “This [doesn’t] normally happen,” adding, “It was just slow,” and “stop arguing in the comments.

@_ceceliaaaaaa #duet with @yourdadsballz #fyp ♬ origineel geluid – CAS

She also revealed in that video that the minimum wage in her state is $10.10 an hour, to fill in for those who brought minimum wage considerations to the conversation.

However, there’s another video from the account, posted Aug. 30 from the hotel, with the on-screen caption, “Patiently waiting for people to check out of their rooms.” The video clearly shows her doing a whole lot more than nothing.

@_ceceliaaaaaa Get a move on #fyp ♬ original sound – logan

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 9, 2023, 2:31 pm CDT