items placed on towels throughout hotel room


‘I’ve never seen this before’: Hotel guests return to room to find belongings placed on towels

‘This happened to my family and I at Palazzo in Vegas.’


Braden Bjella


Staying at hotels can bring welcome and unwelcome surprises. For example, a hotel might go above and beyond, offering trendy decor and a nice breakfast while creating an overall pleasant environment. However, there are also hotels that fail at providing even the barest of necessities—for example, hotels that don’t have a bed or doors for their bathrooms.

No matter what happens, staying at a hotel will always bring something new and, occasionally, confounding, as TikTok user Kevin Harrish (@kevinharrish) can verify.

In a recent TikTok video with over 237,000 views, Harrish shows a hotel room in which every one of the guest’s personal items is set on a towel.

“So we walk into our hotel, and literally everything we own has been placed on a towel,” he says. “I’ve never seen this before. They, like, gathered all of our belongings and, like, put them on towels for some reason. I don’t know what this is about.”

@kevinharrish Why did they put all of our stuff on towels??? Did they think our laptops were going to leak??? #hotel #travel #traveltiktok #traveltok #hotelroom #hotels ♬ original sound

In the caption, he asks, “Why did they put all of our stuff on towels??? Did they think our laptops were going to leak???”

In the comments section, some users offered potential reasons as to why all of Harrish’s items would be set upon towels.

“When I cleaned we did that so that the guest was assured that we actually cleaned and didn’t go around the stuff you had laid out,” recalled a user.

“Maybe to protect your stuff from residue from the cleaning products they used ?” offered another.

“When I was working at a casino hotel, we were required to move guests things off the floors to ensure we cleaned everything,” shared a third. “If there were clothes on the floor I would put it on a hanger and hang it somewhere for the guest.”

Some theories were a little less exciting.

“I work at a hotel and that is excessive,” stated a user. “They had to be bored.”

“The staff are saying ‘don’t call housekeeping for towels during your stay. Please and thank you,’” joked a second.

However, others claimed that seeing this or something like it was fairly common.

“This happened to my family and I at Palazzo in Vegas. Our makeup was line up too neatly on towels,” recounted a commenter.

“Had this happen in Nashville,” echoed an additional TikToker. “I had makeup on the nightstand and sink and was grateful they did this!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Harrish via email.

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