Hotel Room cleaned before check out; Hotel Room Keeper

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‘This is how I leave the room when it’s checkout time’: Viewers criticize hotel guest for not tipping housekeepers when checking out

‘That tip could mean I get to eat two meals that day, not one.’


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One woman has received backlash on TikTok after admitting that she does not leave tips for housekeeping when checking out of a hotel.

In a video that has amassed over 106,000 views as of Monday, user Toronna (@toronnasylvia) shared how she says she cleans up a hotel room when she checks out to make things a bit easier for the cleaning staff. She also added that she never leaves a tip.


Making it a little easier for the housekeeper

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“I don’t leave money for tip but this is how I leave a hotel room when it’s checkout time,” text layover on the video read.

In the clip, used towels are neatly tucked away in a corner on the bathroom floor, and used bed linens are rolled up on the edge of the bed. It appears like the TikToker took some time to tidy up.

However, some TikTok users simply were not impressed.

In the comments section, many chastised Toronna for not leaving tips for the cleaning staff, regardless of whether or not she tidies her room when leaving.

“I used to be a house cleaner,” user Cayayine wrote. “That tip could mean I get to eat two meals that day, not one.”

“I leave it like that too but leave $5,” another added.

“For what?” another asked. “They are just going to take that off and wash the sheets. I rather leave Tips then waste precious time of my vacations cleaning.”

“They would rather have the tip,” Phil argued.

Others agreed that tipping housekeepers is not an obligation and tidying up after a stay is important.

“I don’t tip either, but leave the room in good state,” one user added. “No service during my stay typically. They are cleaning the room after I leave anyway.”

“I didn’t know there was such thing as tip in hotels,” user @Liamnameeches2 wrote. “I worked in one for 6-7 months and no housekeeper ever got tipped.”

According to The American Hotel and Lodging Association, guests should tip $1-$5 per night for cleaning services. They recommend tipping daily so that the person who cleans the room each day receives the tip.

The Daily Dot reached out to Toronna via TikTok comment.

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