Hotel worker shows how they make scrambled eggs in the microwave

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‘Marriott just heats up already made eggs’: Hotel worker makes Fair Meadow scrambled eggs in the microwave—14 minutes in Tupperware

'So give that a good stir.'


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Posted on Sep 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered how hotel scrambled eggs are made? A content creator who works as a breakfast attendant in a hotel in Louisiana has revealed the less-than-appetizing truth behind the process.

The TikToker, who goes by the username TheBreakfastHotel (@thebreakfasthotel), posted a video on Sept.12, demonstrating how they make eggs at his hotel. The video has quickly gone viral, garnering over 885,200 views and sparking a debate in the comments.

“Since y’all asked imma answer. I am a breakfast attendant in a hotel in Louisiana and this is how we make our eggs,” the TikToker says at the beginning of the video. He then films himself pulling a Fair Meadow scrambled eggs blend from the freezer.

@thebreakfasthotel WHAT KIND OF EGGS ARE THOSE?!? #hoteleggs #breakfast #cafeteriafood #howto #strangefood ♬ original sound – TheBreakfastHotel

He continues: “So, as you can see, very suspect immediately off the bat scrambled egg blend. Here are the nutrition facts but the important part is the ingredients: We got whole eggs, egg whites, whey skim milk, soybean oil, salt, Xantham Gum, citric acid, water as a carrier for citric acid, and the most suspect, ‘spice’. What even?”

The video then cuts to the TikToker pouring the mixture into a plastic bowl as he keeps narrating: “So how we prepare this is you pour the mixture, the very sketch-looking thick yolk juice, into a bowl.” 

After pouring the mixture and adding water, he warns that not doing so can make the eggs taste “way too salty.”  “So definitely add your water, and you add it straight to the microwave for six minutes,” he remarks

While narrating the previous sentence, the footage shows him putting liquid egg blend into the microwave while it’s still in a plastic container.

“Once that’s done, see how only the sides had been cooked, you’re gonna want to incorporate everything together and mix it all up. You don’t want any pieces that are more hard and burnt than others. So give that a good stir,” he says as he takes out the bowl and stirs the partially cooked eggs.

“Once that is done, you pop it back in for another six minutes. I think when I take it out, I added two more minutes on top of it. So about 14 minutes total is what this container took,” he adds as he puts the bowl back into the microwave.

The video cuts to the TikToker presenting the final product, which looks like scrambled eggs, but with a lot of liquid coming out of it.

He presses a spoon into the eggs and squeezes out some of the “egg juice,” saying “look at that” in a disgusted tone.

The video quickly received a wide variety of reactions, including comments from people who were disgusted and others who said they would still eat the eggs.

“I still tear it up. ngl,” one commenter said.

“This is actually pretty good compared to where I worked. Marriot just heats up already made eggs in a microwave,” a second commenter revealed.

Other commenters were shocked by the TikToker’s decision to place a plastic bowl in the microwave, with one writing, “Only bad part about the eggs is the microwave and plastic bowl.”

“14 min in a plastic Tupperware is wild just straight carcinogens,” another echoed.

This is not the first time that @thebreakfasthotel has posted a video critical of the food at the hotel he’s working at. In a previous TikTok, he showed how he makes biscuits and gravy from canned and frozen products.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @thebreakfasthotel via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2023, 11:18 pm CDT