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‘I feel like I unearthed something that I did not know existed’: Customer discovers a hidden corner of Amazon

‘They have home, fashion, every single category.’


Phil West


Posted on Oct 3, 2023   Updated on Oct 7, 2023, 7:11 am CDT

An Amazon customer was thrilled to find a whole section of the website she didn’t know existed—despite touting herself as an Amazon expert. 

The dish came courtesy of Cyndi (@newsboozenshoes), who shares “Amazon finds” with her following.

“I’m laying in bed and recording this because I just found this,” she explained in her video. “I feel like I unearthed something that I did not know existed.”

@newsboozenshoes Did you know about this #amazonhack ♬ original sound – Cyndi – Amazon Finds

Cyndi then showed viewers a section of Amazon’s website that featured several coupons. 

“They have home, fashion, every single category,” she said. “This is where all of the coupons are and they’re freaking amazing.”

Then she re-considered. “I wish I actually didn’t find this because this is what I’m going to be doing now.” On the flip side, she said that her husband would “love” her find. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Cyndi via TikTok comment. As of Tuesday morning, her video had over 590,000 views.

Since Cyndi didn’t provide details in her video about how to access the coupons, at least one viewer jumped in to help. “All you have to do is search ‘Amazon coupons’ in the search bar on the App or on Google and there you go,” they wrote.

Indeed, following these instructions transports users to a page that has coupons organized by various categories, including “Most Popular Coupons,” “Smart Home,” and “Subscribe and Save Coupons.”

But Cyndi’s video received mixed reviews. The find wowed some viewers. Others, however, reported feeling underwhelmed by the available options.

“I will never financially recover from this,” one person quipped.

“I did not know about this,” another added.

“I’ve seen it 2 or 3 [times],” a third person wrote. “It just didn’t have anything at the time I was needing or wanting.”

“Half the time the coupons there don’t work,” a fourth person noted.

“The coupons don’t really do anything,” another viewer said. “Sellers just price higher to compensate [for] the discount. There’s websites to compare the before and after.”

Cyndi, however, still encouraged her followers to peruse the list for themselves.

“Maybe that’s the case for some,” she responded to one commenter, “but I found some really awesome ones.”

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*First Published: Oct 3, 2023, 12:00 pm CDT