Police think the Twitter account of Hannah Truelove, 16, may provide clues about her death.

Georgia teen’s Twitter account may provide clues about her mysterious death.

Hannah Truelove, 16, was found dead Friday in a wooded area outside the North Georgia apartment she shared with her mother.

“Injuries on her body were indicative that she died from a violent death,” Sgt. Kiley Sargent, of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, told the New York Daily News.

Like many teens on Twitter, Truelove’s messages often mentioned love, music, and random musings (her profile background features Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator).  On Aug. 12 she tweeted about an “uglyass stalker.” Then about a week and a half later she sent the following message: “I need to move out of these dang apartments.”

It’s too early to tell what these tweets really mean, but they are under investigation, Sargent said.

“We have to determine what she meant by stalker,” he added. “A stalker to a 16-year-old might not be a stalker to what may be Georgia code official.”

Truelove was reported missing by her mother on Thursday at about 10pm. Neighbors reportedly saw her walking around the complex sometime between 4 and 7pm that same day. Truelove’s death was deemed a homicide Monday.

Photo via HannahTruelove/Twitter

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