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Hairy Undies’ kinky porn peaks out from the pack

It's time to stop beating around the bush.


Beck Diaz


Posted on Sep 2, 2021

Let’s take it back to the basics. Back before porn was as easily accessible as a click of the mouse. Back to when you’d have to run to your nearest corner store and head to the magazine aisle or sneak a peek at your dad’s centerfold. What did you see? Hair. And lots of it. Those who dream of going back to before porn was the land of the shaven will love Hairy Undies

What is Hairy Undies?

Hairy Undies brings you the best porn has to offer of hairy genitals. Full bush, interesting shapes, and completely au natural are what you can find featured in the content. With a wide array of pornstars all varying in cut and color, you’ll be sure to find your perfect vision of hairy beauty. 


Hairy Undies gives its members great deals for subscriptions. For those slightly apprehensive potential members, this site has made sure to make its content as accessible as possible. However, if you want to download, you’ll need to sign up for a yearly membership.

Hairy Undies membership pros

1) Access to over 300 movies, 150 DVDs, and 400 porn stars

Hairy Undies doesn’t play when it comes to providing great quality and quantity content for its members. With over 300 movies and 150 DVDs spanning categories and themes, Hairy Undies has nailed down its coverage of all things hairy. The site features over 400 porn stars. That’s nearly one new porn star per scene. You’ll never get tired of looking at the same bush. 

At Hairy Undies, the filtering and category options are through the roof. You’ll never have a hard time finding a scene on this site. For one, you can display content by scenes, or DVD cover, just in case you happen to remember one over the other.

You can also sort by Latest Uploaded, Highest Rated, Most Viewed, and Upcoming. As well, you can do a triple combo search for DVD, Series, and Pornstar for the ultimate search. Hairy Undies category offerings are vast, ranging from Bisexual to Tits Cumshot, and are sure to pique your fancy.

Hairy Undies membership cons

1) No visible community base

The Hairy Undies site really seems like just that – a site. There’s no sign of life, no member forum, no social media attached, no site “about me” page. It makes it all seem quite impersonal and a little less intimate to be quite honest. I would love to see Hairy Undies implement some fun ways to get its members involved.

Whether it be upvotes, downvotes, and comments under each video, or a fun forum for members to discuss, or even an about me page that lets members know why this site is here, and why it was created. Any of these options would bring in that sense of community and make the site much more welcoming. 

2) What bonus sites? 

On signing up, the site mentions that with membership, viewers also receive access to 28 free bonus network sites. This all sounds well and good, but if members don’t know which bonus sites they have access to, how are they supposed to be excited about it?

I would advise that the site add a simple explanation as to which sites come free with a membership, or even just state what network the site is under. If the answer isn’t going to be explicit, at least let it be easy to find. 

Is it worth it?

A membership to Hairy Undies is not for everyone. However, if you find yourself constantly searching for porn with lots of hair involved, this site is definitely made for you. The content is high quality, and the porn stars are very diverse. Additionally, the site’s many categories and filtering options make searching for your favorite video a cinch. 

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2021, 2:41 pm CDT