barista pouring purple drink into cup with caption 'I overheard a customer be super rude to my staff so I made her a special latte...' (l) Barista scraping extra whipped cream off of cup (c) barista holding Grimace latte (r)

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‘That’s one way to deal with them’: Barista makes a ‘Grimace latte’ for a rude customer

'I overheard a customer be super rude to my staff.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 6, 2023

McDonald’s latest promotional item, the Grimace Shake, appears to be a hit on social media, particularly with folks who like to joke that imbibing the beverage will suffer a ruinous demise.

TikToker and business owner Alexandra Lourdes (@alexandra_lourdes) decided that the best way to get back at a customer who was being rude to one of her employees would be to serve them up her own Grimace-themed concoction: a “Grimace Latte.”

She documented the preparation of the drink in a video that’s garnered over 255,000 views.

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Lourdes wrote in a text overlay for the video: “I overheard a customer be super rude to my staff so I made her a special latte…”

Lourdes gets to work on crafting the drink. She blends together some berries, whole milk, and then tops it with whipped cream. Lastly, the drink is topped off with a design of the McDonald’s purple mascot, which is then delivered to the customer.

In a caption for the video she wrote: “Think she gonna like it?”

According to McDonald’s, Grimace’s birthday is June 12, and the popular fast-food franchise “celebrated” it with a special order to celebrate the occasion, which is basically a Big Mac meal that comes with a purple shake.

When Grimace was first introduced in 1971 by Mickey D’s, he was branded as a villain who stole people’s milkshakes and was even given the moniker “Evil Grimace.” Now, he’s Ronald McDonald’s best friend, and is currently running the McDonald’s Instagram account with a series of Grimace-themed posts thanking folks for their birthday well wishes.

Lourdes’ joke seems to be a continuation of a meme trend where folks try to Grimace shake and suffer unspeakably horrific consequences as a result. Many of the clips end with someone covered in the fast-food offering as they convulse uncontrollably on the ground.

Viewers who saw Lourdes’ video seemed to love that she injected a bit of humor in her revenge plot against the customer who gave her employee a hard time. “That’s one way to deal with them,” one commenter wrote.

Another penned, “LMAO I love your humor.”

Someone else wrote, “Remind me to never upset u.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Lourdes via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 6, 2023, 9:11 am CDT