Girls accidentally order their dinner to a fire station across the street.


‘Why am I blushing?’: Girls accidentally order their dinner to fire station across the street. Viewers plan on using this as a dating tactic

‘I’m going to “accidentally” do this’


Grace Fowler


A video on TikTok went viral of a girl and her roommates accidentally ordering their dinner to a fire station across the street from their apartment. Viewers say this is their new “pickup move.” 

By Friday afternoon the user (@ktarlas6) gained more than 6 million views on her TikTok and has posted an updated video for viewers who are invested in this story.


That was fun

♬ original sound – Ktarlas

One of the roommates chuckles to the firemen, “Did food get delivered here by any chance?” The firemen laugh at the situation saying, “Oh sh*t, was that yours?” and then go to retrieve the food. 

“I wonder if anybody opened it yet.” the user says.

“What is it?” a fireman asks. “

It’s an artichoke,” she responds. 

The fireman says, “An artichoke? GTFO of here. What are you going to do with that?” he laughs.

The user responds to a comment that says, “You have to take them dinner to thank them for not eating it.” In a second video, she shows her roommates bringing the firemen cookies. “We bought them dessert,” she says. 

The viewers collectively respond to the video saying it’s “genius.” One comment says, “I’m going to ‘accidentally’ do this.”

Another says, “This is my new pickup move… Thank you girlies.” 

Another says, “Why am I blushing?”

As a thank you for the dessert, the firemen give the girls a tour of their station in the user’s second video. “Firemen are so cute when they show off the trucks and gear lol,” one comment says.

“But did anyone get a date?” a viewer asks.

“Stay tuned,” the user added with a winky face. 

@ktarlas did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via the TikTok comment section. 

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