Venmo is the secret to catching cheaters

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‘Did Venmo just become the new Snapchat?’: Girl says Venmo is the secret to catching cheaters—even if they display ‘green flags’

‘That’s next-level detective work.’


Grace Fowler


A girl on TikTok went viral after finding out the guy she was dating had been lying to her. She says Venmo was her secret to catching the cheater.

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By Friday afternoon, Dani (@dani.coco1) has reached more than 61,000 views on her TikTok video. Viewers say they’ve also used Venmo to catch cheaters before. 

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Dani starts the video saying, “If you think a guy isn’t being honest with you, get on Venmo.”

She explains she met a guy through her friend group and they started casually dating. “Right away that was a green flag for me,” she adds. She says it’s harder to be dishonest when you have a lot of mutual friends with one another. 

@dani.coco1 @Venmo is the secret to catching cheaters 😂 #datinghorrorstory #datingstories #datingtok #datingtips ♬ original sound – Dani Coco
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Dani says she assumed he was being honest as pretty early into dating he was saying that he liked her. Even though they lived two hours away from each other, she says they were “in each other’s cities all the time.” 

While on the phone, Dani says the guy asks her if she will be in town the following weekend. She said yes, and suggested the two get dinner.

Following this, Dani asks him “Do you have any fun plans this weekend?” To which she says this comment made him start acting “weird and cagey.”

“Of course alarm bells go off, and I’m like hm, something’s not adding up,” she says.

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 But, Dani didn’t want to accuse him of lying so she says she just let it go. 

Dani moves on to share a story about her and her friend getting dinner one night. She said her friend offered to take the check and Dani was just going to Venmo her back for her portion. “When you use Venmo, the first thing that comes up is a home screen,” Dani says. She explains that the home screen shows the interactions between everyone you’re friends with on Venmo. 

The first thing Dani sees is a girl who she’d met in person once and randomly Venmoed for something. “She lives in my city,” she adds.

“This guy had Venmoed her like 20 minutes before,” she says. “The name of the Venmo for her was for a restaurant that’s only in my city,” she adds.

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Confused, since he told Dani he wouldn’t be in town until next weekend, she decides to dig more into the girl’s Venmo profile: “I see there are a bunch of Venmos to her at all the same dates that he had been in town hanging out with me.” 

Dani says that she looked the girl up on Instagram and found a photo of the two on a “romantic date” just 20 minutes from her house. 

“Even though he said he wasn’t going to be in town,” she adds. 

“Turns out what he had been doing is coming down to my city, dating both me and this other girl,” Dani says.

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 “Thank God for Venmo,” she adds.

One viewer allegedly experienced this themselves and says, “I accidentally figured this out when I saw payments for lights, house, tv… and always a red heart.” 

“The heart!!!” Dani responds in emphasis, “they tell on themselves.” 

Another admits, “I found out my BF was sending some woman over $2000 a month on Venmo…” 

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One viewer compliments Dani and says, “Girl, your FBI skills are great! Glad you found out about this guy.” 

Dani says the moral of the story is that if you think he is lying to you, double check his Venmo.

Although, another commenter suggests, “You can set our venmo transactions to private. They only show up if in settings you have it public.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Dani via TikTok direct message. 

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