Recruiter says ‘September surge is coming,’ gives tips on how to prepare


‘You have the best probability of landing a job in September’: Recruiter says ‘September surge is coming,’ gives tips on how to prepare

'Every new job I’ve started has been in September/October!!!!'


Eric Webb


Posted on Aug 25, 2023

The past several months have been brutal for U.S. workers. Waves of layoffs that began last year at major companies have continued into 2023, according to Business Insider. However, if you find yourself looking for work, a viral TikTok video predicts you will have the best chance during an upcoming “September surge” in open positions.

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TikTok user Chanelle Howell (chanelle.howell), who describes herself in her bio as a “recruiting guru,” recently posted a video in which she predicts an uptick in job opportunities. The video has almost 713,000 views and 70,000 likes.

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@chanelle.howell You have the best chances of finding a job in September #opentowork #septembersurge #professionaltok ♬ original sound – Chanelle Howell

“You have the best probability of landing a job in September,” reads the text overlay. 

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“If you’ve been looking for a job and haven’t had any luck, pay attention, because September surge is happening,” Howell says to the camera, explaining that she’s a corporate recruiter and career consultant.

“September is one of the busiest times when jobs start hiring talent,” Howell says. The reasons: Employers find themselves with unspent budget in the middle of the third fiscal quarter, and executives are returning to work after their summer vacations.

Howell urges viewers to be ready for this phenomenon by getting their resumes and LinkedIn profiles in order. Also, don’t wait to apply for jobs, she adds.

In the comment section, many viewers backed up Howell’s advice.

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“This is so true. I interviewed for my current job end of August last year. Offer by September, started in October. Get ready y’all,” one commenter wrote.

“This is THE truth! I’ve secured my past 2 (and current) major tech jobs between Sept – Oct. Also they all found me via LinkedIn,” another person commented.

“I was looking at my résumé and I noticed every new job I had within the past five years started in August or September. That is crazy!” a viewer chimed in.

Several viewers expressed hope that the “September surge” pans out for them.

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“I’m praying so hard. .. I am literally so ready to leave my current job,” one person wrote.

Another viewer commented, “5 months unemployed here. 500 apps & 1 interview. really hoping this helps because I’m desperate.”

Several news outlets have also touted the September surge in recent days, from Buzzfeed to Essence. A recruiter with more than two decades of experience told HuffPost that the phenomenon is “very real.” It may have to do with recruiters hitting fall hiring deadlines.

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As many viewers of Howell’s TikTok pointed out, she was a former contestant on the reality show “Survivor.” So, she maybe does know a thing or two about staying competitive.

The Daily Dot reached out to Howell via email.

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*First Published: Aug 25, 2023, 7:32 pm CDT

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