George Zimmerman’s gym is taking a beating on Yelp

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The jury is still determining what happened in the fight between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. But on Yelp, the battle’s one-sided.

The jury is still determining what happened in the fight where George Zimmerman ended up killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

But on Yelp, the battle’s one-sided.


After Zimmerman’s defense called his former mixed martial artist instructor to the stand, Yelp users have rushed to fill the instructor’s gym’s page with 1-star reviews.

“learn to get your ass handed to you, but you’ll be safe if you carry a gun,” posted user KRS R.

“After one whole year of training at your gym, an adult male with no physical impairment and no illnesses couldn’t throw a punch? Your trainers are  horrible… or better yet, liars,” wrote Heena A.

The instructor, Adam Pollock, testified on Monday that he gave Zimmerman mixed martial arts lessons, and that while Zimmerman lost weight, he was “unathletic,” “soft,” and not much of a fighter.

Pollock’s gym, Kokopelli’s, is currently offering to share “George Zimmerman training information,” but only “after completion of the trial.”


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